Blessing through difficulties


There is a blessing hidden in every trial in life but you have to be willing to open your heart to see them. – Unknown


This devotional from Life Action Ministries offers a simple and good reminder about looking for the blessings found in difficult times.


Can God Bless with Trials?


Interpreting life’s events can be a tricky undertaking. Our instinct is to assume that if something bad happens, it’s because God is displeased with us. We then go on what I call a wild hunt for sin—that desperate search for whatever we’ve done to bring on our calamity.


To be sure, sin will bring with it trials (Proverbs 13:15). The problem is, trials don’t necessarily indicate that sin is present.


James refers to “the testing of your faith” in James 1:3. Think about those very words: faith (a good thing) being tested by the events of life. In other words, God responds to something good He sees in our life by sending trials to grow it.


One of the greatest challenges of the Christian life is learning to embrace the trials God sends our way as gifts from Him. We use so much energy trying to escape or fight the tough situations we face, that we fail to see they have actually been given to us by God.


Are you going through a trial? Ask God for wisdom as to its source. According to James 1:5, God will liberally and graciously answer.


What is the greatest trial you are facing right now? Whether it is caused by sin or testing, the Spirit will specifically show you if you sincerely ask for wisdom. If it is testing, take time to thank God for His commitment to your life in giving you this trial.


BT: Of course, we know all this. I think the real question is not, Can God bless us with trials? The real question for me is, “Will I LET God bless me through trials?” Or will we let our frustrations get in the way? Isn’t it time to let God have His way in us…for our own good?



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