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I hope you find the GLOW blog helpful in your journey through life. I started this venture over 700 posts ago at the beginning of my journey with cancer.  If you’ve been with us for a while, you know that this journal was never intended to focus on cancer but rather on living life well, in good times and in difficult ones, to God’s honor, and in His strength. The message is, “There is hope and purpose to be found in all chapters of life. You are the light of the world – share it others!”


I usually keep the posts under 500 words, so you can read them in a few minutes. Hopefully you will come across a truth you want to let soak in throughout the course of your day or week. We encourage you to hold up everything you read (here and elsewhere) to the light of scripture and let scripture build understanding and wisdom.


We love and welcome comments and questions!  Just click the ‘Reply’ link at the top of each blog. Your first comment might require moderation, but should post automatically after that. (If you receive the posts by email, click the link at the bottom of the email to go directly to that post entry on the website.)


Looking for a post on a specific topic? Just visit the GLOW website: www.GoLightOurWorld.org/blog. In the right margin you will find a blog search engine. Simply enter a word or phrase you want to read about. For example, if you’d like to read a blog citing CS Lewis, just enter Lewis. You can also enter topical words like discern, prayer, hope, a book of the bible, reference (eg Philippians 4:13) or part of the verse using quotes (“I can do all things”). As with all search engines, you’ll get more results with base words like discern instead of discernment or discerning. Be more specific for fewer results. Additionally, you can click on one of the categories links in the right margin. (Note, there are LOTS of posts under the general headings of Faith and Living With Purpose!) Once you get your search results, you may find a shortened version of the post. Just click the post title to read the entire post.


We will be changing to a new email delivery system in the coming month or so. If you would like to have the blog posts emailed to you, just send us a note at thayers AT golightourworld.org (leave out the spaces and use @ sign). We promise your address will not be shared with others and we won’t send you spam!


Last, if you find the blog posts helpful, don’t keep them to yourself. Help us spread the light. Share the blog and the website link with others and give them a free gift of daily encouragement and challenge.


Thanks for reading. Now Go Light Our World!



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