Bone Marrow Biopsy

I recently had my fifth bone marrow biopsy. The first one gave me my AML diagnosis along with the rare chromosomal abnormality (t10;17) with aggressive markers at CD7 and CD56 which started the Leukemia. The second (December) confirmed the persistence of the aggressive cancer in my body. The third test (January) confirmed I was in remission. (Thank you Lord.) The fourth in March confirmed all was good to go for the stem cell transplant. And this one (May) confirms no cancer and no evidence of any of the rare abnormalities originally diagnosed.

Several people have asked about how this procedure is done. Lidocaine is used to numb an area 1-2″ below back waist band and a “sturdy” needle to poke through the bone into the bone marrow cavity. They take one sample of bone marrow and another sample that includes the lacey bone structure that is crushed up when they do the aspiration. The first one felt like someone was pulling my toes through my spine, but the intense pain only lasted 30″ or so. They gave me twilight meds (Versed/Midazolam) and Fentanyl (pain med) for the others and this last time, a very small dose of morphine. Morphine obviously helps with pain control and the Versed makes you forget what happened.

Bryan and morphine - you get the carThe funny thing about the Versed-Morphine cocktail is that you continue to converse with the nurses but your brain doesn’t know or remember what you are saying. Evidently I was a real chatterbox, talking about whatever came across my mind. Marcia relays that she and the nurse exchanged a number of smiles at my antics. In this reenactment photo, Marcia recalls me sitting on the edge of the examination table as I was ‘waking up’, looking much like this and telling her, “You get the car. I’ll get the Mango Smoothie and I’ll meet you in the lobby.” Obviously, it was a moment of pure delusion. But it seemed like I was ready to go at the time. Hoo boy! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Bone Marrow Biopsy

  1. Kathi

    We are praising the Lord for the new and praying that the healing will continue. We are also praying for His guidance day by day for where He will use you in the future. The funny thing is, we keep talking about how He will use you in ministry in a different country and He is using you here in ministry every day! His plans are definitely not ours are they?
    Thank you for allowing God to use you wherever you are!

    1. Go Light Your World

      Thanks Kathi for your continued prayers, not just for my recovery but also my full awareness and sensitivity to Christ In Me, the hope of Glory (Col 1:27.) This is the “secret” that the bible plainly teaches but we humans are often so reluctant to accept. Instead we fill our lives with self-efforted good works. Good intentions, but often lacking power. God’s plan is to fill us with the Holy Spirit and give us real power for victorious living despite our circumstances! Acts 1:8 is real today!

      Thanks for following the blog and for all your prayers.

  2. Gloria & Jon

    Oh Bryan! God bless you! We praise God for His hand on you and Marcia as you journey on in faith. Your life journey has taken you many places and crossed many paths, mine included. I can still see you and Tim with the map of New Orleans spread out on the table or in the van planning our next day’s mission field or trying to locate where in that maze we were at the time….God is truly glorified as you look to Him and His strength, regardless of where you are in that journey. We rejoice with you in giving Him thanks for His goodness and love endures forever! Lifting you and Marcia in love and prayer.
    Gloria & Jon

    1. Go Light Your World

      Thanks Deborah. Colossians 1:27 is the “secret” to this…it is Christ-In-Us who is at work in. Al things of eternal value. What pressure this takes off us to try to do the good works. We cultivate a relationship with the Holy Spirit and show up when He calls….HE does all the work. Amen!

      Thanks for visiting the blog!

  3. Naomi

    Praise God for his healing powers! May he continue to give you strength as you spread his everlasting presence…….

    1. Go Light Your World

      Tanks for your continued prayers, Naomi. Friday is 50 days post transplant, halfway through my 100 days of intensive precautions. Best to you and the family, plus greetings to Mustafa and Awatif! Bryan

  4. Dave McClurg

    Wow! Bryan. I am so happy for you, and Marcia, and your family. Be assured that you all continue to be in our prayers. Continue to recover and regain your strength. Cheryl and I love you all. Dave


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