What does the resurrection mean to you today?

“He is risen.”

Three simple words. When combined they present an astounding truth that challenges us all. Jesus conquered death. He lived, he suffered and died, and also he rose from the dead to live forever. This was an historical first. There had been many great teachers, many who lived “good lives,” many role models to inspire us. But THIS was the first time that God sent someone, His very own Son, to live and die for us. And not just to die for us and for the forgiveness of our sins. But rather, Jesus died and rose from the grave.

We rejoice in what he did for us then, but does his resurrection power impact our life today? It does, because he left his very Spirit to dwell in us. Just as Jesus is one with his Heavenly Father, so his Holy Spirit is one with him and also with us. That means his same resurrection power also lives in us. It is the power to be overcomers, just as he promised. It is the power to finally trade sorrow for joy, tears for laughter, troubles for treasures, and worries for real faith that sustains us.

Because Jesus rose from the dead we who believe in him also have real hope of living beyond the grave. But not only that, to live an abundant life right now, despite the crushing circumstances that seek to overwhelm us. The resurrection of Jesus breathes new life into the crippled and dead areas of our life. His resurrection makes all things new. We become a new creation in him, not just in his death and our being crucified with him, but in his resurrected life, experienced now through the power of his Holy Spirit.

“He is risen!” And so we can rise above the mundane, troublesome, painful, and sorrowful crosses in our lives. He is risen. Let’s live risen with him, even now.


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