I believe


I Believe

I believe in promises … the ones we make to God… and the ones we make to each other; … that “I do” means to keep on doing.


I believe in the promises God makes to us – and always keeps.


I believe that making a life is more important than making a living. That making a home is more important than making a house. That it is always the right time to do the right thing and to be the person you were created to be. That a whisper sometimes speaks louder than a shouted word.


I believe the smallest light will dispel darkness. That the smallest prayer will still be heard. That there is always a second chance where there is a willing heart.


I believe a life of faith in God is the most reasonable way to live and that living by reason alone requires a bigger leap of faith than faith itself.


I believe that three things will always remain: faith, hope and love… And the greatest of these is love, the answer to our most enduring questions.


I believe. What do you believe that will guide you today and forever?




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