One year remission

It seems like it has been a long year. With leukemia, milestones like the anniversary of your first year in remission from cancer seem pretty important. From a medical perspective it appears that the more distance you put between yourself and those events, the better the outlook is for the future. Of course, God’s plan for the future is what really matters, regardless of what the prognostic statistics say.

A huge thanks to the Mercy Hospital staff who made remission possible through two rounds/12 days of chemotherapy and nearly 60 days of loving care given to both Marcia and me. Now, just two more months until we celebrate with the University of Iowa transplant team my first year after stem cell transplant. I’m told mine was their 3000th transplant so I reckon they have cause to be very good at what they do. And they too have shown me great care and consideration during my recovery thus far.

Marcia has carried out her long series of demanding caregiver tasks with such amazing love and dedication. How could I have made it this far without my bride’s loving attention?!

God’s promise that his grace IS sufficient for my needs and his promise that I win whichever direction things turn have been constant sustenance for my soul.

What is ahead? I don’t know. The path seems to take a turn every 2-3 months, requiring us to keep our focus on our current footing and next few steps. Have you noticed that in your path too? Just when you think you have your sense of direction, something changes and you have to make adjustments to your journey.

Have you found the one thing that does not change, regardless of the condition of the path? In our journey, it has made all the difference in the world. Experiencing the steadfastness of God’s love and grace makes each day possible, not easy, but possible. It has caused us to cultivate our grateful hearts. It is the reality of practical faith, beginning with trusting in small things, to trusting in all things, that makes the experience real. Not easy, but real.

May your path be filled with such practical hope of knowing that wherever you go, however difficult the path, God is ready to go with you.

3 thoughts on “One year remission

  1. Jenny Schumacher

    3000th? I think that should qualify for some sort of discount! I’m very glad for the excellent work and care from both hospitals.

  2. Maureen

    Wonderful to hear you have reached your 1 yr remission….best to you, your care givers, Marcia, and all those offering support in your fight.

    Your friend, Maureen


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