Partner with GLOW in New Orleans and beyond



GLOW is all about bringing the hope of Jesus to others in practical life-giving ways. That’s why we are pleased to support New Hope Alliance Church outreach in the greater New Orleans area.



It was shortly after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans that we met Willy and Dawn Neudahl.  Willy worked tirelessly to coordinate the efforts of our work crews and many others from around the country to rebuild damaged homes.

As important as rebuilding homes was, the real gain was building lasting relationships that shared the light of hope in a dark time. Mr. Lap was the first person we helped after Katrina. We left him with appreciative tears in his eyes, saying “Brand new home!”


Even more important is the focus of introducing people to Jesus who has the not only to change homes and relationships but also to transform lives! Shannon’s home was rebuilt by Christian work teams and now is a lighthouse to her neighbors, hosting regular neighborhood bible studies.


It took partnering together to get the job done in New Orleans after a storm ravaged people’s lives. Will you partner together with GLOW to bring hope and restoration to lost people across the USA and beyond? We’re asking for 100 people to commit to daily prayer for God’s guidance of the ministries of GLOW, including our own preparation for mission work in Bolivia next year.


You can also partner with us by making a tax-deductible donation to GLOW. Your gift of any size makes an important difference in vital ministries in New Orleans and San Diego and across the globe. See our giving page for more details.  Or sign up for Amazon Smile and donate at no cost to you whenever you make a purchase at Amazon.  Just select Go Light Our World (or Go Light Your World) as your charity of choice.


Be blessed in bringing light into a dark world. One day, there will be people in heaven coming to greet you with their thanks.





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