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New Year’s Eve is almost upon us and with it, the starting of making resolutions for the new year.  As always, losing weight and increasing exercises will top the lists of most people. Resolving to read a good book may make the resolution list too. What about reading THE good book?


Have you ever read the Bible? I mean the whole thing? You can get the job done in a year, reading only 15-30 minutes a day. Marcia and I have done this individually a number of times and last year did the reading together. It was a great experience. This year we’re going to concentrate on the New Testament, but still plan to work our way through the Old Testament again through daily devotions.


Why should you read the bible? Marek Zabriskie came up with a list of twenty reasons why. Here are some worth considering:

• It’s the No. 1 best-selling book of all time.

• No book has made a greater impact on the world than the Bible.

• The Bible magnifies our ability to love others and to love ourselves.

• No book reveals more about God than the Bible, and God rejoices when we read it.

• Daily Bible reading centers us spiritually.

• Taking time to read the Bible for 15 or 30 minutes each day transforms our lives, our marriages, our relationships and our families. It helps us to be better parents, spouses, neighbors, Christians, workers, citizens and human beings.

• The Bible is the best understanding that we have of Jesus — the person who has had the greatest impact on history.

• People constantly debate what they believe the Bible says without having read it. It’s worth reading it to find out what the Bible actually says.

• The Bible will speak to you in a different way each time you pick it up and read it.

• Reading the Bible will push you to explore what it means to be created in God’s image, and it will help you understand God, your life’s purpose and why you were put on earth.

• The Bible offers the most sustained and vital value system in history.

• The Bible is like a mirror. Reading it regularly develops our conscience, helps us to arrange our priorities and encourages us to make significant improvements in our lives.

• Reading the Bible keeps our heads and our hearts in the right place, develops compassion and good judgment within us and prepares us to spend eternity with God.


Isn’t time to see what God has to reveal to you through his Word?
For a bible reading plan that suits you:



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