Special mid chemo Good News update


Good report on the morning of Day Four. My peripheral blood shows NO sign of cancerous blasts (down from 31%) and other numbers are holding steady. The bone marrow “factory” is of course a darker picture but is presumably also improving. Appetite continues with no nausea yet. And the two units of blood I received two days ago are a good pick me up. (Thank you to everyone who donates blood. It really makes a difference!)


Experience tells me the real battle is in the coming days. But surely God’s grace and mercy are flowing through my veins along with the chemo! The hope is for complete remission again in a few weeks. My teams at Mercy and the U of Iowa are recommending a second “mini” stem cell transplant that may offer some chance of an actual “cure.” That will take some time to coordinate a good match.


Soaking up the "Son" rays at Mercy Medical Center.

Soaking up the “Son” rays at Mercy Medical Center.

God is always good in times of trouble but also when his goodness is known in the land of the living! -Psalm 27:13 Thanks everyone for your prayerful support of Marcia and me as we continue this unexpected journey to God’s honor and glory.


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