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Where’s the evidence?

A question that’s been going around for many years still has power to pierce our souls:

If being a Christian were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict me?

That is, in what ways is my life different because of the grace of Jesus? And how is he continuing to reveal himself through me? God accepts us where we are but loves us too much to leave us there in our old patterns of self-seeking, prideful, and even hurtful thinking. Just as you want the best for your child, so God longs for his children to live a full and meaningful life.

GLOW is pleased to sponsor Cru’s Athlete’s In Action (AIA).  Director Gary Schmalz describes how God changed these college students hearts:

A few weeks ago, Lauren and Hailie, both varsity athletes at Wisconsin-Madison came to the AIA weekly meeting for the first time. They heard about the Winter Retreat in Chicago and decided it would be worth their time.

At the retreat, they heard relevant messages about the Christian life. On Saturday morning, they were trained for an outreach to the inner city of Chicago. During that training, Holly, our new AIA staff at Madison, noticed that Lauren and Hailie were confused while discussing a Gospel sharing tool called Knowing God Personally. Holly answered their questions, and they both asked Jesus to be in their lives!

Two hours later, they shared the same booklet with a high schooler at the community center and he received Christ as well!

One of the strongest evidences for God is a changed life!

It is hard to dismiss a changed life. Lauren and Hailie would tell you that they are different now and have just attended church for the first time.

If you have ever wondered if college athletes are hungry for the Gospel, I could provide you multiple examples from the 22 college campuses across the Upper Midwest where AIA operates and witnesses “evidence for God,” when He shows up and changes a life.

If God can take a couple of college students and in a moment change their lives from confused to compassionate and confident, he can change your life to. He has the power to change your doubt to faith, worry  to prayer, anxiety to peace, apathy to compassion, a critical heart to a humble one, emptiness to a full life!

Thank you for praying for athletes to come to Christ. Why not ask him to transform your life too?

Talking about Jesus


Claire, Curt and athletes from UPR-Mayaguez talking about God

Claire, Curt and athletes from UPR-Mayaguez talking about God*

What does it look like to tell someone about Jesus?
It could look like this photo of University of Puerto Rico athletes talking about God.

The Spirit told Philip, “Go to that chariot and stay near it.” Then Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading Isaiah the prophet. “Do you understand what you are reading?” Philip asked. “How can I,” he said, “unless someone explains it to me?” So he invited Philip to come up and sit with him. (Acts 8:29-31)


“My name is Claire and this is Curt, we are from Ohio and we would love to talk to you about God. Would you have some time to talk with us?” This is the approach 25 staff and athletes from Ohio University used last week on 5 campuses. If students say yes, we usually use a tool called soularium. It is a visual tool to help us understand them, build rapport and have a fun time talking about God. Eventually this can lead to talking about Christ and sharing the Gospel.


The Ohio athletes initiated with almost 400 people, shared the Gospel with around 80 and we saw 8 make first time decisions for Christ. Cristen and our team get to follow up those contacts. Please pray for Keila, Arnoldo, Luis, Cristina, Genesis, Hermes, Octavio, and Christopher.


How do you talk with people about Jesus? It could be the most important conversation you have all week!


* Gary and Cristen Schmalz work with Athletes In Action (AIA), a division of Cru (Campus Crusade). Marcia and I have been blessed to be on Gary’s and Cristen’s team for over twenty years and now GLOW supports their efforts to reach college students for Christ in Puerto Rico…and beyond. Thanks to GLOW supporters. Your donations and prayers (!) are making a big difference for the kingdom across the globe!



Partner with GLOW in Puerto Rico



Puerto Rican Track Men for Jesus Gabriel, Rodolfo, Wilito, Christian, and Luis

GLOW is pleased to help support the new Athletes In Action (AIA) ministry in Puerto Rico, led by Gary and Cristen Schmalz who are there on a 1 year outreach. Gabriel, Wilito and Luis are leaders in the new campus ministry.  Christian is a new attendee and Rodolfo is a new follower of Christ thanks to AIA!


Trials bring blessings:  After a long frustrating day on campus, Gary decided to head for the track stadium to pray.  While there, an athlete walked by once, then twice and even a third time.  “OK, Lord I will go talk to him.”   That led to a long awkward conversation in broken Spanish and English.   (Gary is still learning basic Spanish.)


Two days later Rodolfo was at the AIA Fall Retreat and the next week he started to attend the AIA weekly bible study.  Just this last week he decided to follow Christ!    His life is changed for all of eternity.  Please pray for Rodolfo as he begins to mature in his relationship with Christ, and for the other Christian leaders on mission for Jesus at Puerto Rico’s Interamericana University.


Gary is regional director of Athletes in Action and as such also coordinates outreach and leadership training programs across the USA. Many of these students end up on global mission trips, spreading the good news around the world.


Visit the AIA ministries gallery at www.GoLightOurWorld.org to learn more about this exciting mission and www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving to learn how you can partner with GLOW to bring light into a world of darkness.


Add a comment to this blog post if you’d like to partner with GLOW in daily prayer.



“I don’t believe in God.” – AIA Mission Update


“I don’t believe in God”

These words were shared by a Minnesota State – Mankato wrestler as he walked through the classroom door.  It was a small room and only a few athletes were in the room.  They were all there to hear from John Peterson, a 1972 silver medalist, and a 1976 gold medalist.  The wrestler was invited by his friends to come here from John, but they did not tell him that John would also be talking about Jesus, until they walked into the building.  He was not sure if he wanted to stay.

John spoke about his wrestling experiences, the Olympics and about how God has worked in his life.  How he came to know that God loves him, but sin keeps him from knowing God, that Jesus is the only way, and it was a decision that person needs to make.  While this wrestler did not come to know Jesus he did leave saying, “I have never thought about Jesus before, thanks for giving me something to think about.”

I wonder, how much of our lives and testimonies lead others to think about Jesus? Do they encourage people to ‘wrestle’ with God?

– Athletes In Action (AIA) regularly sponsors events like these. AIA also raises up Christian leaders among the students who in turn reach other students with the good news of Jesus Christ. GLOW is pleased to partner with Gary Schmalz, Regional Director of AIA, in growing young leaders for Jesus! You can visit our AIA Gallery by clicking on the GLOW Ministries tab at the top of the page. Click on Donate if you’d like to partner with GLOW in supporting great ministries like AIA! Will you pray for college students who don’t know Jesus and those who are standing up for their faith and reaching their class mates?