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Path to Peace – Dress for “Success”

Every day when we get dressed we have a choice of what to wear. Is it going to be hot or cool? Do my activities call for nicer clothes or can I put on something more comfortable? We dress according to the activities and demands of the day.

Before we can bring light into the world we need to have a sense of real peace in our own life. If my life is generally full of fear, intimidation, bitterness, regret, anxiety, anger, etc, what hope do I have of sincerely bringing the light of hope and peace to others? Just like getting dressed, we need to ‘put on’ certain attributes each day. If you’ve ever wished you were more thoughtful, caring, full of grace, the new testament is filled with examples of ‘putting on’ attributes that embed these characteristics in your life and taking off’ things that take away from your quest to live a victorious life. None of us do this perfectly;  those generally known as being patient are sometimes impatient. Those known to be compassionate sometimes are uncaring, maybe even hurtful.  But being intentional about preparing your day to ‘put on’ compassion for example, will lead to the cultivation of a compassionate heart and life.

A practical way to prepare yourself to pursue peace throughout the day is by visualizing “putting on” the character you want to be known for, the character that nurtures peace in your lives and those whose lives you touch. You can reflect on this each morning when you get dressed. As you put on each article of clothes, you can ask God to help you ‘put on’ the ability to:

  • Extend compassion to those you meet today
  • Treat others – and yourself – with kindness
  • Walk in a humble way, not prideful, selfish, or controlling
  • Practice gentleness with others, especially those who are going through a difficult time
  • Be patient with yourself and others.

Here’s to ‘putting on the clothes of peace’ needed to Go Light Your World!

 “…Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.” Colossians 3:12 b