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Too Tired To Give In

We saw a Rosa Parks poster in the hospital. It reminded us of the tremendous Civil Rights museum in Memphis that featured the bus that she rode that historical day she refused to give up her seat. Parks’ quote says, “People always say that I didn’t give up my seat because I was tired, but that isn’t true. . . The only tired I was, was tired of giving in.”

Do you know that feeling of always giving in to some one or some habit or situation that is oppressing you? You want to stand up for yourself, your best interests, but inevitably give in to the easy way out, a way that is filled with remorse and sorrow. Maybe your health suffers also, and the wellbeing of those around you.

It doesn’t have to be that way. God has given us a resilient will that can work for us, a will that chooses to take another step, a will that says no to the things that pollute our minds and bodies, a will that chooses to believe truth, and acts on that belief, a will that thanks him in the midst of painful and uncertain circumstances.

I remember a colleague of mine, Jay Taylor responding to my comment about how tempting the donuts in the break-room were. The truth of his simple reply resonated well with me: “They aren’t tempting if you just walk away.”

Temptation, chronic pain, and anxiety are all thieves. They steal, kill and destroy that which is best for you. What are you letting oppress and steal from your life? Whether it is a hasty tongue, unhealthy sarcasm, food, caffeine, sports, TV, a defeated attitude, a worrisome heart, or an unquenchable desire, there is a solution. Refuse to give in. Walk away. Take back what is yours. Keep your eyes on the one true God who wants you to live a victorious life. Ask Him for not only his direction but also his empowerment in your life. You’ll find it in his Word. It’s part of the good plan he has for you…when you exercise the will to accept it.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. (Jesus) John 10:10