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YOU can make a difference across the world!

The headlines we read are almost numbing. So much hurt and suffering accompanied by such feelings of helplessness. We ask, “What could I do to make a difference?”  Go Light Our World is pleased to support a missionary friend in Greece we’ve personally known for 30 years. We have to protect her name because of persecution against evangelical Christians from the Orthodox Church there. We’ll call her Mary (not her real name).

What we love about Mary is that she gives her entire life to advancing the gospel of Jesus in such practical ways. She purposefully approaches people searching dumpsters for some food. Mary has often invited sick strangers into her home and pays for their medical bills. She is a good friend to a single mom who lost her children through poverty. And Mary is your direct contact, not only with muslims who have never read the words of Jesus, but also with Syrian, Afghan, and Iranian refugees who fled to Greece from the wars that beset their homeland.

Mary counters the Orthodox teaching (that salvation is through good works) by openly witnessing to people and giving them New Testaments in their native language, encouraging them to read out loud the good news for their lives. Because of the economic despair in Greece, many people are realizing more and more that they need help from above! Here is just one account from Mary’s outreach that impacts people in hard places:

“The flow of thousands of war refugees (mainly children, women and  teenagers) continue to arrive in Greece. Several countries of East Europe have closed their borders which means that most of them are stuck in Greece. Since all the refugee camps all over Greece are overflowing, thousands have no choice but to stay outdoors in the main squares. They have no place to go, nowhere to sleep, nothing to eat and nowhere to shower or do their laundry. I purchased 3 bags of chocolate and stuffed 10 sleeping bags with the Gospel of John in Farsi language and New Testaments in Arabic. As I arrived I saw the crowds and asked the Lord to show me from where to start and to whom should I talk first. I started by giving out chocolates to some children which opened up the door to speak to their families. A few teenagers knew a little bit of English and were happy to help by interpreting the adult conversation. I started talking to one family then to another and that went on for the next 5 hours! They were hungry, sick and exhausted since they have been travelling for months. Praise God, I was able to purchase all together 50 sandwiches from a nearby store and distributed to the kids first, teenagers and women! After listening to their tragic stories I hugged them and prayed with them. They told me how they run to escape from the Taliban, the Daesh and the Islamic State. They are running to save their lives and the lives of their children from the war zones.”

“They crossed Iran, Syria and Turkey. The European countries are very upset that the Greek government rescues them from drowning. What are we supposed to do? They told me how in Turkey the smugglers took all their money to place them on plastic boats so they could cross the Aegean sea to the Greek islands where they were rescued by the Greek coast guard. They were very grateful for the sleeping bags and for the sandwiches. They kept thanking me and I kept pointing to heaven and telling them that this is from Jesus! The Lord opened a wide door for me to show His love and I prayed with several families and eventually gave more than 20 Gospel of John in Farsi language. God surrounded me with His favor and protection and made friendship with several refugees.”

Maybe you’re thinking, “That’s very admirable, but what does it have to do with me?” Unless you have the means and opportunity to fly to Greece and quickly learn the language, your best opportunity – and mine – is to support a native person who is willing to feed the hungry, care for the sick, and comfort the lonely. . . on our behalf, and in the name of Jesus.

“How can I help?”

  1. Commit to praying. Put it on your calendar. Pray once a day or once a week. Ask God (who knows her real name) to give “Mary” strength and courage and means to carry his good news to hurting people. Pray for people like Mohammad and his family who Mary invited into her home to wash their clothes. Pray for boys and girls who were traveling all alone since their parents gave all they had for them to come to Europe in order to save their lives. Mary saw 5 of these teenagers reading the Gospel of John while I was still there.
  2. Give a little.  $5-10 buys a New Testament in the native language or a bit of food for those who have so little. $25 or more can help toward the purchase of a tent for a needy family. $34 buys a sleeping bag for a child or mom sleeping in the chilly night air.

Thank you for partnering with GLOW in prayer and practical giving and doing your part to advance the Gospel through your love, giving and prayers!

www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving One time or recurring gifts of any amount make a difference!

100% of your tax-deductible gift goes directly to the mission field.


GLOW Update March 2016

GLOW Update – March 2016

Everywhere you turn you see hurting people: in your neighborhood, your church, your workplace and across the globe. Some are close and others are “strangers” who Jesus calls “neighbors” we should love, especially those he calls “the least of these.” But you may ask, “What can I do to make a difference?”

starfishThere is an old story of a boy walking along a beach filled with stranded starfish. The boy picked one up and then another, tossing them back into the sea knowing they would otherwise perish. A man watching told him there were so many stranded starfish, he couldn’t possibly make a difference. Looking at a starfish in his hand, the boy tossed it into the water saying, “I made a difference for THAT one!”

GLOW is uniquely positioned to make a positive difference in the lives of hurting people. And your partnership with GLOW (through gifts and prayers) makes you an integral part of changing the world for hurting people, even “strangers” you don’t know. GLOW is organizationally small and nimble, working with missionary partners we know personally and trust. Accountability is high. Last year GLOW raised $14,200 and spent $14,237. No salaries, insurance plans, cars, or buildings. Just money in/money out – bringing the hope of Jesus to change the world for people in desperate situations, one at a time.

A 10-year-old boy in Bolivia has his first pair of new $12.50 leather shoes because a 10-year-old boy here gave his Christmas money.

Syrian refugees who were sleeping on the cold cement in Athens, Greece have warm sleeping bags from GLOW donors and the caring outreach of our ministry partner there.

Aleka with childrencrop -jpgBulgarian gypsy children have nutritious meals and Christian literacy tutors because GLOW donors care. 50 children now have their own native language Bulgarian bibles because many people donated $10 to GLOW.  We are preparing to fund the building of a kitchen & dining area this year to expand the outreach to orphans who have no other support.

Herminia etc with Aunt FranciscaFive Bolivian children (Roberto, Herminia, Deysi, her baby Lucas, and Sabina – pictured here with their Aunt Francisca) were recently abandoned by their mother and stepfather. They know us and remember us from when we first met and prayed with them four years ago. Gifts from GLOW purchased shoes and outfits and backpacks for each of them. Additional gifts have been received to provide for school supplies, tuition, medical care, and food. Even now as their Aunt has stepped up to care for the children your ongoing GLOW gifts continue to enrich their lives.

“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” (Galatians 5:6) That’s what your persistent prayers and gifts do. They express your faith through love to “the least of these,” people you don’t yet know.

We also want you to know we’ve made provisions for the gospel ministries of Go Light Our World to continue, regardless of Bryan’s health concerns.

By praying and giving you DO make a difference. Please continue to PRAY daily for:

Roberto, Herminia, Deysi, her baby Lucas, and Sabina, abandoned by their mother and now adopted by their aunt in rural Bolivia.

Tiffany, Roxana, Maria, Mariana, and Sony who lead the Bolivian ministry for children at risk.

Moises and Kely who work to strengthen godly families in Chile.

Aleka who ministers to outcast gypsies in Bulgaria and boldly shares the truth and love of Jesus with all she meets, even at risk to herself.

Andy who pastors a small church in a hard neighborhood in Gracemount (Edinburgh), Scotland and his wife Sarah in her difficult pregnancy. Please pray also for former drug addicts they know who are struggling to know that the hope of Jesus is real for them.

Larry who daily brings the real hope of Jesus to those in prison.Mark and Lyndsey who minister to the homeless in San Diego.

Dawn and Willy who teach people with little to trust in God who wants to richly bless them spiritually.

Chris and Candy who are adjusting to living in Africa so they can reach the Digo tribe. They are dealing with water shortages.

Gary and Cristen who boldly equip college students to get real with Jesus, live fully for Jesus and reach their teammates.

Marcia and Bryan and the GLOW board of directors as we seek God’s continued guidance in all of this, and for Bryan’s full health recovery.

Thank you to our monthly donors and one-time donors. Your investment is well-placed! It brings the hope of Jesus to unreached people through practical ministries including literacy, food, medicine and health.

If you want to be the hands and feet of Jesus, you can make your tax deductible gift to Go Light Our World by

Thank you for partnering with GLOW in giving and in prayer to make a real difference in the lives of hurting people!!

Without God we are lost, BUT GOD intervenes. GLOW is excited to write the phrase, “BUT GOD…” onto the pages of people’s lives!

Because lost people matter,

2016 Go Light Our World Board Members:

Bryan and Marcia Thayer         Chuck Jackson

Janet Johnson                             Dawn Neudahl

Mary Lothe                                 Kathy Trotter

Val Wagner

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GLOW Update: Bulgaria and Greece


We have just received an urgent prayer request from our missionary who ministers to the gypsy population in Bulgaria. Abraham’s Flock is a Christian agricultural project that raises goats and chickens, ducks and geese, to provide milk and eggs for the poor children in Vetren, Bulgaria, where we also support a Christian literacy program.


“Abraham’s flock is in danger, due to ongoing rains and floods in Bulgaria. Due to a chemical contamination which government aircrafts have been spraying, an epidemic has been spreading in the surrounding villages. So, as a result of this all baby-goats die within three days after their birth. The vet has injected them with medicine and antibiotics, but despite everything done they are still dying! Due to the continuous floods the humidity has been increased and the animals cannot go outside the barn as often as they need. Please pray for the rains to STOP and for the baby goats to survive!


Along with this urgent prayer request is a praise story from that same ministry in Bulgaria. Todorka, a girl who attended the Christian literacy program GLOW supports has been accepted to nursing school in the city of Sophia (where our newest granddaughter was recently adopted) – and because of the Christian ministry in Vetren, Todorka takes Jesus with her! Your donations to GLOW go directly to support this ministry and others where disenfranchised people have not yet encountered the real Jesus.


Another story of praise and also prayer request is also from our missionary who ministers to the Greek orthodox and also Muslims in Athens and Corinth. She writes of “heaven’s appointment.”


“When I was walking in a nearby town, I saw an old white-haired man with a worn-out coat and a very sad face, picking out roots which Greeks cook for food. I decided to approach him, and asked him about these roots. As we were talking, the old man began sobbing with tears. It was very cold and the wind was freezing both my hands and face. He said that his name is Michalis. He used to own a small food market which he was forced to shut down due to the crisis. He doesn’t have a pension.

“Mr. Michalis told me that his beloved sister had recently passed away very suddenly, right after his 7 siblings had died, and was now totally alone. He told me that he loved Jesus, but he felt abandoned by God. His sister was a very compassionate lady who used to make small packages with food and had him distributing them to the needy and starving people out in their neighborhood. Someone had stolen his wallet which had his last few euros. So now he is left without any money, not even to buy a small bottle of milk!

“Even though he was a Greek Orthodox, he was reading the New Testament and he knew many portions by heart. His love for God was evident by every word he spoke! I am sure that this divine appointment was orchestrated by the Holy Spirit because Mr. Michalis knew about God, but not as a Father. He neither knew salvation by Grace. Later on he told me: “no one has ever spoken to me like this before”!

“Even his own priest didn’t have anything encouraging to say to him. We prayed together and he said Amen to every word I prayed for. Yesterday he called me on the phone, and I read with him from the Word of God and prayed with him. He told me that God’s Word brought “light” to his saddened heart. He will be calling me in a few days so we can read again from the Bible and pray.

Please pray for Mr. Michalis that the Lord will lift him up, provide for him and cover his needs, and that he will be a testimony of God’s grace in his neighborhood.


“… For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen…”
Romans 11:36

Greece mission update

In addition to supporting ministries in the USA, Bolivia, and Bulgaria, Go Light Our World is pleased to partner with a dear missionary friend in Greece who has the heart of an evangelist and disciple-maker. It is sometimes difficult for her and those who follow in Jesus’ steps because of the controls imposed by the Greek national orthodox church. Additionally, Muslims who convert are put in danger along with her by Muslim factors. For this reason, we protect her identity and when needed, the identity of followers.

But this doesn’t stop our friend from ministering to the needs of Muslims and others in Athens and Corinth or the needs of others. It is not uncommon for her to bring a sick person into her house to care for them or to pay for their medical bills. Always, she gives them a copy of the New Testament in their language, and invites them to read God’s truths aloud with her. She never argues with them but only talks about the love of Jesus for them. Her caring actions speak the integrity of her life. Many of these men and women have come to trust Jesus alone for their salvation at the risk of being persecuted and cut off from their family.

One story of redemption is that of Stavroula. Raised in an orphanage since she was four years old, her life has never been easy. She never finished high school and when her husband died she was left with 6 children and many bills. Her sister died leaving with another child to care for. And then the Greek economy collapsed leaving her with no government assistance. God brought Stavroula across the path of our missionary friend who helped her find a children’s home for the children where they now receive food and loving care. Stavroula lives in a rent free house with broken windows and no electricity or water. She showers and washes her clothes at our friend’s house each week. This friend pays for Stavroula’s medications and has found clothes for her.

Stavroula reads the bible daily, attends a weekly bible study at the friend’s house and is growing in the Lord. She has accepted Jesus as her Lord and is asking now to be baptized. She is quick to share with others what God has done in her life and has shared her faith with her other sister in Germany. Recently she led a young man to the Lord. He has given up his drug addictions and enrolled in a Christian center to help him stay clean.

What a difference it makes having a Christian friend who cares enough to bring light into darkness! Will you join us in praying for Stavroula who needs our prayers to find a job so she can pay her bills and get her children back?