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If I tell you, you will not believe me


Incredulous! Unbelievable!

What memories and images do those words bring to your mind? You might reflect on the great feats of someone who overcomes extreme challenges or accomplishes what seemed like an impossible goal. Maybe you look back on a time when all seemed lost and the darkness prevailed and then suddenly, a bright light appeared.


Luke describes the incredible acts of Jesus as he healed the blind, cured the sick, and raised the dead. He describes how his followers walked closely with him and yet often “missed the boat” when it came to understanding his purpose. From our perspective it might seem unbelievable! In fact in Luke 21, we read that one of his followers betrayed him. He was arrested. Peter denied him. Others hid in fear of persecution. Jesus was put on trial. They mocked him and abused him, this man who just shortly before was hailed by the people who sang, “Hosannah in the highest” at his entrance into the city. How could this life that was destined to greatness take such an unbelievable turn for the worse?¬†After mistreating him all night long, the leaders said to him, “If you are the Christ, tell us.” Jesus replied, “If I tell you, you will not believe me.”


People walked with him. They heard how he spoke with such great authority. They watched him perform miracles that were unbelievable and yet at the same time undeniable. A man was blind but now he sees. Another was paralyzed but now walks. The unclean were made clean and the dead were brought to new life. And still, some did not believe.


The most profound question in the world is, “Who do you say Jesus is?” Our answer determines our life and our destiny. If we say, he was just a good teacher, we are deceived. For what good teacher, knowing he was no more than that would say he was the Son of God and lead his followers in deception? He could not be both a good teacher and a liar.


If we say he was insane and deluded we are dumbfounded. How would such a man have performed so many miracles? Why would his disciples have followed him to death? Why do some still “count everything as loss” to follow him with such devotion and power to overcome? Do you know of any other insane person whose words and power continue to transform lives?


If we say he is Lord then we must be driven to follow him. For how can we call him “Lord” and still go our own way?


The question is, “Do I believe Jesus is who he said he was?” We always act on what we deeply believe. If we sing, “All for Jesus” but live “All for me” then what we really believe is revealed. If we pray “Your will be done” but live as if “MY will be done” our heart’s real desire is made known.


Jesus continues to tell us who he is. He reveals himself in scripture, in creation, in the events of life, through his Spirit, and through others around us. We recognize him when we see others with compassion, when we’re compelled to live beyond ourselves, and whenever a simple tear of joy come to our eye. We see him in his magnificent and unbelievable sunrises and sunsets and in the innocent laugh of a child. He reveals himself in the darkness of sorrow and pain and find him there with us in our loneliness.


His words continues to woo us, inspire us, strengthen and challenge us. His amazing grace continues to surprise and sustain us. His transformational power changes us. His light guides us. His strength lifts us up when we are ever so weary. His promise gives us hope. His peace calms our noisy souls and transcends all our understanding.


In light of all this and more, will you believe him today for all he is and all you need? Believe the “unbelievable” and find your reason for living…in his power.