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It’s not too late to be a blessing!

Dear readers,

Three years and 975 blog posts later, we hope you are growing ever closer to the one true God who sees you where you are and loves you. These blogs are mostly memos to challenge ourselves, a journal of God’s goodness to us through these three difficult years through cancer and life threatening blood infections.


Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God.

image imageThese same three years mark the birth and growth of the Go Light Our World (GLOW) nonprofit ministry. Originally focused on bringing practical expressions of God’s love to the most poor and outcast Quechuan people in Bolivia and the unreached Romani people in Bulgaria, we now also support vital gospel ministries in Corinth and Athens, Greece; in the poorest neighborhoods of urban Scotland; an outreach to the Digo people group in Kenya, and a number of missions in the USA to the homeless, people in prison, college students (USA and Puerto Rico) and those in New Orleans who don’t yet know Jesus and others beginning their faith journey with him.

Some of you already support GLOW in yearly or monthly donations. Thank you! You know your gifts go directly to the mission field, not to salaries, insurance plans, buildings or other admin costs. Your gifts have provided native language bibles to 100 people who were so excited to have a bible they can read!

You gave a little boy his first pair of leather shoes, medicine for a teenager who helps in the Josias program we support. You have literally clothed the naked and fed the hungry with nutritious meals and the hope Jesus offers. You have taught them to read and write – one has gone on to nursing school. You’ve visited “the least of these” in prison.

We continue to offer the free daily devotional blog to all. And we invite you, (no obligation), to consider supporting the GLOW ministries in 2016. A monthly recurring gift of just  25 cents per post ($6/month) provides a nutritious meal for 5 hungry children each month. 50 cents per blog  ($12/mimageonth) provides 144 meals over a yeaimager. One dollar per post ($24 per month) provides needed educational supplies and basic medicines where access to clean water is difficult.


We invite you to partner with us in 2016 in following Jesus when he said:


“In as much as you do this to the least of these you do it unto me.” – Matthew 25:40

Tax deductible gifts may be made online through PayPal or credit card: Go to www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving OR by check to: “Go Light Our World” 1020 N 5th Ave W, Newton, IA 50208



Rejoice! Always rejoice in the Lord!

And there are three other ways to partner with GLOW that don’t cost a penny:

1.  Join us in regular prayer for GLOW and its recipients. Email us if you want to receive regular mission updates: thayers@GoLightOurWorld.org

2: Simply press “Forward to a friend” or “Friend on Facebook” (bottom of this post) to others you think might be blessed by our daily message. Spread the light among your friends and build the GLOW community.


3.  Reimagead and write your own review of Go Light Our World at Great NonProfits: http://greatnonprofits.org/org/go-light-our-world.


We are blessed in order to bless others, to live simply so others can simply live.

Marcia and Bryan Thayer for Go Light Our World

Marcia and Bryan Thayer for Go Light Our World (at Mercy Hospital)

Thank you for prayerful consideration of partnering with GLOW.

It’s not too late for a one-time or recurring gift that begins in 2015 and continues bringing the light of Jesus to a dark and needy world in the new year!  Be blessed in your daily reading and in growing closer to God.



Partner with GLOW in New Orleans and beyond



GLOW is all about bringing the hope of Jesus to others in practical life-giving ways. That’s why we are pleased to support New Hope Alliance Church outreach in the greater New Orleans area.



It was shortly after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans that we met Willy and Dawn Neudahl.  Willy worked tirelessly to coordinate the efforts of our work crews and many others from around the country to rebuild damaged homes.

As important as rebuilding homes was, the real gain was building lasting relationships that shared the light of hope in a dark time. Mr. Lap was the first person we helped after Katrina. We left him with appreciative tears in his eyes, saying “Brand new home!”


Even more important is the focus of introducing people to Jesus who has the not only to change homes and relationships but also to transform lives! Shannon’s home was rebuilt by Christian work teams and now is a lighthouse to her neighbors, hosting regular neighborhood bible studies.


It took partnering together to get the job done in New Orleans after a storm ravaged people’s lives. Will you partner together with GLOW to bring hope and restoration to lost people across the USA and beyond? We’re asking for 100 people to commit to daily prayer for God’s guidance of the ministries of GLOW, including our own preparation for mission work in Bolivia next year.


You can also partner with us by making a tax-deductible donation to GLOW. Your gift of any size makes an important difference in vital ministries in New Orleans and San Diego and across the globe. See our giving page for more details. www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving.  Or sign up for Amazon Smile and donate at no cost to you whenever you make a purchase at Amazon.  Just select Go Light Our World (or Go Light Your World) as your charity of choice.


Be blessed in bringing light into a dark world. One day, there will be people in heaven coming to greet you with their thanks.





Partner with GLOW in Puerto Rico



Puerto Rican Track Men for Jesus Gabriel, Rodolfo, Wilito, Christian, and Luis

GLOW is pleased to help support the new Athletes In Action (AIA) ministry in Puerto Rico, led by Gary and Cristen Schmalz who are there on a 1 year outreach. Gabriel, Wilito and Luis are leaders in the new campus ministry.  Christian is a new attendee and Rodolfo is a new follower of Christ thanks to AIA!


Trials bring blessings:  After a long frustrating day on campus, Gary decided to head for the track stadium to pray.  While there, an athlete walked by once, then twice and even a third time.  “OK, Lord I will go talk to him.”   That led to a long awkward conversation in broken Spanish and English.   (Gary is still learning basic Spanish.)


Two days later Rodolfo was at the AIA Fall Retreat and the next week he started to attend the AIA weekly bible study.  Just this last week he decided to follow Christ!    His life is changed for all of eternity.  Please pray for Rodolfo as he begins to mature in his relationship with Christ, and for the other Christian leaders on mission for Jesus at Puerto Rico’s Interamericana University.


Gary is regional director of Athletes in Action and as such also coordinates outreach and leadership training programs across the USA. Many of these students end up on global mission trips, spreading the good news around the world.


Visit the AIA ministries gallery at www.GoLightOurWorld.org to learn more about this exciting mission and www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving to learn how you can partner with GLOW to bring light into a world of darkness.


Add a comment to this blog post if you’d like to partner with GLOW in daily prayer.



Partner with GLOW in Scotland



Go Light Our World (GLOW) is pleased to support 20 Schemes, a gospel ministry to the poorest of poor in Scotland. Steven and Tracy are just two of a number of individuals in Niddrie, Scotland whose lives have been transformed because 20Schemes workers shared Jesus with them. They were childhood sweethearts who had been through ‘the wars’ of almost 27 years together. Steven was a mess, cheating on Tracy, in and out of rehab, selling and taking drugs and full of broken promises.  “He was a rat,” Tracy said. Then one day he rang her out of the blue and told her he had become a Christian. Jesus had saved Steven. “I kept thinking there must be something in this Christian thing that I hear so much about. But in my head, I Christians were do-goodies who had zero time for guys like me. Jesus did what drugs and rehab couldn’t.” Steven recently went through a three-day detox to come off all of his medication for the first time in over two decades.

Tracy said, “I thought to become a Christian you had to be perfect.” Then Jesus saved Tracy. Despite her initial cynicism about Steven, everything changed and 6 months later they have been baptized and married. Tracy can now see a future, “thanks to Jesus.” Both Steven and Tracy now worship at the Niddrie Community Church.


Some regard Jesus as a wise prophet. Others think of him as great teacher. Still others call him Savior but don’t know him as Lord. Steven and Tracy know him as their Lord and Savior who has real power to transform and redeem lives. Imagine what Jesus is ready to do when you share Him with those you know!


We invite you to partner with us by praying on a regular basis for the ministries of Go Light Our World (GLOW), including the unreached people in the depraved housing schemes of Scotland.  If God leads you to make a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation of any amount, know that your gift of any amount will have a significant impact by shining light in a dark world.


“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” Joel 2:25



Partner with GLOW in Bulgaria



Graduation 2Go Light Our World (GLOW) supports an important mission to poor children in Vetren, Bulgaria.  The Bulgaria mission supports a literacy and nutrition program while also teaching children the hope that Jesus offers. Here a girl receives her academic certificate.


Boy with baby goats

Unique to the Bulgaria mission is Abraham’s Flock, a self-sufficiency program that teaches care of animals while producing milk and eggs for the children and their families. The flock now includes over a dozen milk goats, dozens of chickens, and numerous ducks and geese.
our sweetest studentChildren are coming to know Jesus and making Him known. Visit the Bulgaria ministries gallery to learn more.

Would you partner with GLOW by praying for the children of Bulgaria and children across the world who need to find the real and practical hope that is offered through the good news of the gospel?


You can also partner with GLOW by making a one-time or monthly tax-deductible gift. Visit www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving to learn how easy it is. Even small gifts make a big difference!


Now you can support Go Light Our World (GLOW) without costing a penny out-of-pocket! Just select Go Light Our World when you shop Amazon.com. We do and it’s easy.  When you shop at AmazonSmile, Amazon donates to our charitable organization.  SMILE.AMAZON.COM


Be a light in the world of others. Share the GLOW blog and Facebook posts with your friends.


“Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.” Mark 9:37



Partner with GLOW in Bolivia



Josias swim day lunch Go Light Our World (GLOW) is excited to support a vital gospel mission to the poorest of poor in Bolivia, South America. Our ministry brings the practical love of Jesus to those in need through programs in literacy, nutrition, and health. Those with emotional and spiritual needs are supported by caring counselors and friends.


Marco Young boys like Marco find reason for hope and opportunities to serve others. Marco cares for his own siblings and is a youth ambassador and leader to other youth. His growth as a godly leader is evidenced by the respect of his fellow youth.


bolivia 235Can see the joy and contentment in this little girl’s eyes? Children find love and hope when someone acknowledges and welcomes them in the name of Jesus. Marcia and I are excited at the prospects of returning to the Bolivia mission on a full-time basis next year as my health recovery progresses.


How about you? YOU too can make a difference in others’ lives by praying for the Bolivia mission, for children like Marco and families you won’t meet until you get to heaven. We believe nothing lasting happens without prayer. Will you partner with us to pray regularly for the GLOW ministries?


Another way to partner with GLOW is to make a one-time or monthly gift. Even $10-20-50 gifts go a long way in poverty-stricken Bolivia. We have no paid staff and our administrative costs are covered by one donor, so 100% of your tax-deductible donations go directly to the mission (See Giving page www.GoLightOurWorld.org).


You can also partner with us by spreading the word. Follow us on Facebook! ‘Share’ us on your Facebook page. Subscribe to the blog (it’s free), tell others about Go Light Our World.


Finally, you can partner with us by intentionally welcoming others in your own neighborhood and town, sharing with them the good news that offers hope and joy. Be a positive influence on our world!


‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matthew 25:40