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Partner with GLOW in Puerto Rico



Puerto Rican Track Men for Jesus Gabriel, Rodolfo, Wilito, Christian, and Luis

GLOW is pleased to help support the new Athletes In Action (AIA) ministry in Puerto Rico, led by Gary and Cristen Schmalz who are there on a 1 year outreach. Gabriel, Wilito and Luis are leaders in the new campus ministry.  Christian is a new attendee and Rodolfo is a new follower of Christ thanks to AIA!


Trials bring blessings:  After a long frustrating day on campus, Gary decided to head for the track stadium to pray.  While there, an athlete walked by once, then twice and even a third time.  “OK, Lord I will go talk to him.”   That led to a long awkward conversation in broken Spanish and English.   (Gary is still learning basic Spanish.)


Two days later Rodolfo was at the AIA Fall Retreat and the next week he started to attend the AIA weekly bible study.  Just this last week he decided to follow Christ!    His life is changed for all of eternity.  Please pray for Rodolfo as he begins to mature in his relationship with Christ, and for the other Christian leaders on mission for Jesus at Puerto Rico’s Interamericana University.


Gary is regional director of Athletes in Action and as such also coordinates outreach and leadership training programs across the USA. Many of these students end up on global mission trips, spreading the good news around the world.


Visit the AIA ministries gallery at www.GoLightOurWorld.org to learn more about this exciting mission and www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving to learn how you can partner with GLOW to bring light into a world of darkness.


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“I don’t believe in God.” – AIA Mission Update


“I don’t believe in God”

These words were shared by a Minnesota State – Mankato wrestler as he walked through the classroom door.  It was a small room and only a few athletes were in the room.  They were all there to hear from John Peterson, a 1972 silver medalist, and a 1976 gold medalist.  The wrestler was invited by his friends to come here from John, but they did not tell him that John would also be talking about Jesus, until they walked into the building.  He was not sure if he wanted to stay.

John spoke about his wrestling experiences, the Olympics and about how God has worked in his life.  How he came to know that God loves him, but sin keeps him from knowing God, that Jesus is the only way, and it was a decision that person needs to make.  While this wrestler did not come to know Jesus he did leave saying, “I have never thought about Jesus before, thanks for giving me something to think about.”

I wonder, how much of our lives and testimonies lead others to think about Jesus? Do they encourage people to ‘wrestle’ with God?

– Athletes In Action (AIA) regularly sponsors events like these. AIA also raises up Christian leaders among the students who in turn reach other students with the good news of Jesus Christ. GLOW is pleased to partner with Gary Schmalz, Regional Director of AIA, in growing young leaders for Jesus! You can visit our AIA Gallery by clicking on the GLOW Ministries tab at the top of the page. Click on Donate if you’d like to partner with GLOW in supporting great ministries like AIA! Will you pray for college students who don’t know Jesus and those who are standing up for their faith and reaching their class mates?