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Where’s the evidence?

A question that’s been going around for many years still has power to pierce our souls:

If being a Christian were a crime, would there be enough evidence to convict me?

That is, in what ways is my life different because of the grace of Jesus? And how is he continuing to reveal himself through me? God accepts us where we are but loves us too much to leave us there in our old patterns of self-seeking, prideful, and even hurtful thinking. Just as you want the best for your child, so God longs for his children to live a full and meaningful life.

GLOW is pleased to sponsor Cru’s Athlete’s In Action (AIA).  Director Gary Schmalz describes how God changed these college students hearts:

A few weeks ago, Lauren and Hailie, both varsity athletes at Wisconsin-Madison came to the AIA weekly meeting for the first time. They heard about the Winter Retreat in Chicago and decided it would be worth their time.

At the retreat, they heard relevant messages about the Christian life. On Saturday morning, they were trained for an outreach to the inner city of Chicago. During that training, Holly, our new AIA staff at Madison, noticed that Lauren and Hailie were confused while discussing a Gospel sharing tool called Knowing God Personally. Holly answered their questions, and they both asked Jesus to be in their lives!

Two hours later, they shared the same booklet with a high schooler at the community center and he received Christ as well!

One of the strongest evidences for God is a changed life!

It is hard to dismiss a changed life. Lauren and Hailie would tell you that they are different now and have just attended church for the first time.

If you have ever wondered if college athletes are hungry for the Gospel, I could provide you multiple examples from the 22 college campuses across the Upper Midwest where AIA operates and witnesses “evidence for God,” when He shows up and changes a life.

If God can take a couple of college students and in a moment change their lives from confused to compassionate and confident, he can change your life to. He has the power to change your doubt to faith, worry  to prayer, anxiety to peace, apathy to compassion, a critical heart to a humble one, emptiness to a full life!

Thank you for praying for athletes to come to Christ. Why not ask him to transform your life too?




What one word you would choose to describe your encounter with Jesus?


One word that so often seems to jump off the pages of the New Testament is ASTONISHED! People who encountered Jesus were consistently astonished and amazed. They were astonished by:


His teaching
His authority
His integrity to speak and live the truth
His compassion
His miracles
His forgiveness
His obedience to His Heavenly Father
His wisdom
His sacrifice
His ability to know what was on the hearts of men
His grace
His power over death


Pilate was amazed by the character of Jesus when He remained silent in the face of accusations. The disciples saw Him walk on water, calm a violent storm, and feed five thousand people with a handful of small fish and loaves of bread. With their own eyes, crowds of people who encountered Jesus witnessed blind men seeing, lame men walking, mute men speaking, the deaf hearing, and those possessed by evil spirits freed from their bondage. They were so astonished they immediately praised God.


The people were also astonished by the lives of uneducated and ORDINARY men who were completely transformed by their own encounter with Jesus. By the power of the Spirit of Jesus, these men spoke with EXTRAORDINARY courage, authority, and wisdom. They too healed the sick and raised the dead. They lived lives compelled by compassion and desire to make sure everyone had opportunity to respond to the good news that changes lives for all eternity! Even Saul who actively and vehemently persecuted Christians found his life spun around in a complete 180. His new name, Paul, reflected his humble character, putting Christ and others first. But don’t confuse humility with timidity. A genuine encounter with Jesus changes things!


What words come to mind when you think about your encounter with the risen Jesus?


Jesus said some will hear His good news but will immediately forget them because the soil of their heart is like a hard worn rocky path, leaving no room for God to grow in their life.


He said some will respond eagerly to the encounter With His truth and grace but their excitement will soon fade like the seed that sprouts up but soon withers in the heat of the day.


Jesus said many will let His good news get strangled by their constant craving for things, the lust of what they see, and the endless boasting of achievements that don’t last.




Jesus promises that those who experience a genuine encounter with Him will find their lives completely transformed, from a tiny seed to a large tree that stands firm in the storms. It sends its roots deep into the soil, and is able to withstand storms and droughts, a living testimony to enduring faith in the transformational power of God.


Nearly everyone who encountered Jesus was astonished. Are you? If so, let it show in the way you face your problems and opportunities today!



Partner with GLOW in New Orleans and beyond



GLOW is all about bringing the hope of Jesus to others in practical life-giving ways. That’s why we are pleased to support New Hope Alliance Church outreach in the greater New Orleans area.



It was shortly after Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans that we met Willy and Dawn Neudahl.  Willy worked tirelessly to coordinate the efforts of our work crews and many others from around the country to rebuild damaged homes.

As important as rebuilding homes was, the real gain was building lasting relationships that shared the light of hope in a dark time. Mr. Lap was the first person we helped after Katrina. We left him with appreciative tears in his eyes, saying “Brand new home!”


Even more important is the focus of introducing people to Jesus who has the not only to change homes and relationships but also to transform lives! Shannon’s home was rebuilt by Christian work teams and now is a lighthouse to her neighbors, hosting regular neighborhood bible studies.


It took partnering together to get the job done in New Orleans after a storm ravaged people’s lives. Will you partner together with GLOW to bring hope and restoration to lost people across the USA and beyond? We’re asking for 100 people to commit to daily prayer for God’s guidance of the ministries of GLOW, including our own preparation for mission work in Bolivia next year.


You can also partner with us by making a tax-deductible donation to GLOW. Your gift of any size makes an important difference in vital ministries in New Orleans and San Diego and across the globe. See our giving page for more details. www.GoLightOurWorld.org/giving.  Or sign up for Amazon Smile and donate at no cost to you whenever you make a purchase at Amazon.  Just select Go Light Our World (or Go Light Your World) as your charity of choice.


Be blessed in bringing light into a dark world. One day, there will be people in heaven coming to greet you with their thanks.





Partner with GLOW in Scotland



Go Light Our World (GLOW) is pleased to support 20 Schemes, a gospel ministry to the poorest of poor in Scotland. Steven and Tracy are just two of a number of individuals in Niddrie, Scotland whose lives have been transformed because 20Schemes workers shared Jesus with them. They were childhood sweethearts who had been through ‘the wars’ of almost 27 years together. Steven was a mess, cheating on Tracy, in and out of rehab, selling and taking drugs and full of broken promises.  “He was a rat,” Tracy said. Then one day he rang her out of the blue and told her he had become a Christian. Jesus had saved Steven. “I kept thinking there must be something in this Christian thing that I hear so much about. But in my head, I Christians were do-goodies who had zero time for guys like me. Jesus did what drugs and rehab couldn’t.” Steven recently went through a three-day detox to come off all of his medication for the first time in over two decades.

Tracy said, “I thought to become a Christian you had to be perfect.” Then Jesus saved Tracy. Despite her initial cynicism about Steven, everything changed and 6 months later they have been baptized and married. Tracy can now see a future, “thanks to Jesus.” Both Steven and Tracy now worship at the Niddrie Community Church.


Some regard Jesus as a wise prophet. Others think of him as great teacher. Still others call him Savior but don’t know him as Lord. Steven and Tracy know him as their Lord and Savior who has real power to transform and redeem lives. Imagine what Jesus is ready to do when you share Him with those you know!


We invite you to partner with us by praying on a regular basis for the ministries of Go Light Our World (GLOW), including the unreached people in the depraved housing schemes of Scotland.  If God leads you to make a one-time or monthly tax-deductible donation of any amount, know that your gift of any amount will have a significant impact by shining light in a dark world.


“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten…” Joel 2:25