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Path To Peace – Your Agenda

Are you still trying to figure out what is your purpose in life? Or maybe you know this but are struggling to live it out? ¬†You’re likely looking for pieces of your life puzzle that you’ve yet to unearth along your path. Some pieces you will find only through your awareness of the needs of others who hold the pieces to your journey. You’ve made a choice about the path you’re taking:

  • The path of resignation where you’ve given up or postponed trying to live the life of adventure and passion you were meant to live;
  • The path of frantic and often tiresome self-effort where you are determined to control your life and others.
  • The path of peace where day by day -and throughout each day – you seek the One who knows the path and wants to guide you to a life of peace and victorious living, even in the middle of struggles.

Some of the struggles I’ve been dealing with lately involve the manic effects of the temporary steroid induced diabetes. These changed my behaviors and I had created my agenda of self-controlled response to the situation. After all, I had devoted thirty years of my life learning how to make positive change happen in challenging situations. And while God and I talked a lot throughout this new crisis that was pushing me hard against the wall, I had neglected to really put Him FIRST on my daily agenda. Instead, I listened to him and then went my way, allowing my agenda to fill up with whatever new struggle and frustration that popped up and how I was going to solve it, my way. Sound familiar?

It wasn’t until I was reminded to pay attention to God’s Presence in me that I could find the peace that immediately started me down the path of restoration and peace. (It was one of those humbling ‘duh, I already knew that; why aren’t I DOING that revelations!) God broke through my self-control efforts and spoke to me gently to focus on Him.

I’m still dealing with the side effects, but my response is markedly improved and getting better each day. The difference? I’ve asked Marcia and others to speak into my life and give me cues to focus on God’s presence instead of my problems. I’m making sure that my agenda not only includes God somewhere in the day, but I have to hour by hour (and sometimes moment by moment) review my day’s plan to make sure that He is leading it and that my activities haven’t become side-tracked from His plan. This keeps me from drifting in resignation and from the frantic pursuit of my own vain approach to solving problems. The path to peace comes through asking God to show you the way and then checking with Him throughout the day to make sure you are still following Him.

What does your agenda look like this week? It may be a busy one, even on a holiday, but it doesn’t have to be without a sense of peace.

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27