Twitter Litter

I confess, I don’t know anything about Twitter. I’m twitter-illiterate. Most tweets I’ve seen are short bits of digital communication, often to express a view out of context or just let the world know what’s happening at the moment: “I am tweeting while sitting on a chair.” I’m sure there are folks who have lots of value to add through twitter. Maybe some of you twitter critters could show me why Go Light Your World should use Twitter! I invite those who tweet to educate me; click reply.

‘@TheRealBradLea’ has an astute if not pointed comment about this:
“When you tweet nothing of value, I am hereby naming it “twitter litter”…try to inspire, educate, entertain or say something worthwhile. ;)”

Hmm. Seems to be good advice for all bloggers, face book writers and in fact for DAILY LIVING! Avoid littering of ALL kinds. Don’t waste your life: make your whole life worthwhile today! Share it with others in an inspiring, entertaining, or other meangingful way.

Discover your life mission and live it fully!

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