Medical update from the hospice house

I have come to inpatient hospice at
Kavenaugh House for adjustment of my
pain medications.
900 56th Street
Room 14
Des Moines IA 50312
(515) 255-0857 (reach me by cell
641-521-5619… But be prepared. I am
generally too sleepy to talk,)

Don’t try to send mail, as I expect to
be out by Monday or earlier. They
started this afternoon with a 2mg shot
of dilaudid. I’m told this is the
equivalent if 60 mg (4 doses ) of
morphine. So far it helps only a little
with pain and makes me very sleepy. I now have A subcutaneous pump
strapped to my arm that gIves me
a somewhat constant flow of the medication. If
things go badly I’ll be sent home to
die, per request. Otherwise, discharge
with pump probably by Monday.

I don’t understand why the pain persists. But I am reminded that Jesus carried pain too. He is not untouched by or ignorant of what I – or you – are experiencing. As he entered the garden he said these words: “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.”

My friend John reminds me also, “Just as David poured out as an offering before the Lord the water his soldiers risked their lives to get for him, so offer up your pain as a
sacrifice of praise to him. May his great name be praised in all we walk
through in life.”

Thank you for ongoing prayers in this
difficult part of my journey to heaven.
May God be honored.


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