Bryan medical update 5/11/16

Consultation went well at the U of I Wednesday. I had a blood infusion which should give me a bit more energy for awhile. The doctor agreed the best option is to proceed with hypomethylating agents (“soft” chemo) which I should be able to do outpatient at Skiff in Newton, maybe starting as early as next week. From what we understand, it will be a series of 5-7 infusions (or injections, depending on drug that is approved) over the course of a week. Wait 4-6 weeks and then reassess. Repeat if progress indicates. We’re told side effects may be minimal and that a return to Mayo Clinic is not expected. My Mercy oncologist will supervise the treatment and the U of I cancer center will continue to be my care coordinator.

This likely will not kill the cancer but hopefully will keep it at bay and give us additional time for the fusarium infection to be completely (?) knocked down. IF repeated courses of the hypomethylating agents are successful, it *might* open the door to a future induction chemo and transplant, IF my body is able to tolerate additional heavy chemo. We are cautioned that the risks continue to be high. But we are comfortable with this treatment approach and trust God will continue to direct our paths in the coming weeks/months.

Thank you for your prayers and support! We’ll keep you posted of any changes in plans. We are reminded daily how fragile this life is. As with any goal, it’s best we begin with the end in mind, pursue God, and enjoy the blessing of his promises and grace. This is what has sustained us through this unexpected journey. We hope he is the one who also sustains you through your every trial.


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