Praying for more


What things are on your prayer list today? More peace? More safety? More provision of goods? More strength or healing? More escape from fear? More relief from sorrow? God delights in hearing all our needs and desires. He longs to answer them with the satisfaction we find in being fully his, set apart from the patterns of the world, and enjoying more of the rich rewards of living in his presence.


Paul prays for his dear friends (Colossians 1:3-14), giving us a model for how we might reach beyond our normal lists of prayer requests and pray “more” for our friends and ourselves. It is a prayer not only for the fulfillment of needs but for the fulfillment of great hope. As I personalize this as my prayer for you readers, you could also personalize it for those you lift in prayer:


“Thank you God, for faith and love and hope you give. Thank you for increased understanding of your grace in all its truth, and for the gospel to continue to grow and bear fruit in my life and in others. Fill us with the knowledge of your will through your wisdom and understanding that exceeds our own.

I ask this SO THAT we may live lives worthy of you, pleasing to you, bearing your fruit in every good work, growing in your knowledge, and strengthened with your power; SO THAT we can have great endurance and patience and joyfully give thanks for your rescuing us FROM darkness TO your kingdom, where we enjoy the forgiveness of sins.”


May your day be filled with the prayer of more:

More of God’s love.

More of God’s power.

More of Him in your life.







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